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It's safe to say we've all dated these ghosts, and it leaves us wondering the same infuriating question: What the f*ck just happened? You guys met and there was an instant connection (even more so if your initial interactions were sober). He doesn't seem like a shady assh*le, you tell yourself (mistake number one). If it isn't working or you're just a creep, I'll tell you and break it off with an honest explanation.

I wish more of us would be honest when toying with someone's feelings, and here's why: Telling the truth sounds like such a simple concept, doesn't it?

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It was a warm-hearted, frenetic instalment that left you feeling punch drunk and loved-up: The episode demanded clowning and a good deal more from Benedict Cumberbatch, who was rarely off-screen for the ninety minutes and ran things more or less single-handedly in that time.

Being the ringmaster of Less solid than Cumberbatch’s performance was the murder plot, which arrived late, left early and didn’t achieve a huge amount in between.

I hear countless friends tell their stories only to end with “…And I never heard from them to this day.”We've come to accept this behavior as normal, which is truly a depressing thought. You two date for months until one day, you send a simple, innocent text asking how his day is going and get no response. Like Chipotle when you're hungover, we crave honesty above anything else when we date.

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Ganz sicher kennen Sie mindestens ein tolles Paar, das sich im Internet kennengelernt hat. Ihnen selbst aber graust davor, sich bei Parship, Elite Partner oder wo auch immer anzumelden. Wir brennen dafür, dass Sie bei der Online-Partnersuche die Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, die Ihnen zusteht. Wir lieben die Liebe und Flirten ist unsere Passion!Well, honesty can be a real b*tch to hear and even harder to tell.It's not always the easiest conversation to have, but occasionally, it needs to be done. Tot up every big laugh of Sherlock’s seven previous episodes - blanket, Bee Gees, bed sheet, deerstalker, “punch me in the face”, “he fell out of a window”, harpoon, doggers, “bollocks!” - and you’ll barely equal the gag total in this single outing. Fondly, is the hope, if initially disorientated and - depending on your belief in the powers of a tight belt - somewhat incredulous.