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They already had a baby girl together, but now Ben Mc Kenzie and Morena Baccarin are officially married after two years of dating. According to came to an "epic" climax on Tuesday (June 6), and fans were absolutely thrilled with the two-part finale – apart from the whole Harley Quinn thing.

at the moment, but thankfully the same can't be said for them in real life.We're going to be playing it again this year and basically extending the idea of the cult of Jerome.We're building the architecture for him to come back."Hinting at his eventual transformation to Joker, Stephens promised that his reintroduction will be "fantastic".The actor posted a creepy video on Instagram with the caption, "Gotham".The clip features a blank white screen, with a message saying, "Hello, Gotham" and ends with a chilling Joker laugh.