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In 1535, Cromwell had declared a moratorium on novices under the age of twenty-four taking their final vows, but in a letter written September 9, 1538, Joanna sought an exception for a young woman at (d.1542 ) Grace Farringdon was the daughter of John Farringdon of Farringdon, Devon and Elizabeth Wilford. January 1541/2), alderman of London and sheriff in 1536.By him she had two children, Anne (d.1607) and James (d. In July 1542, she married, as his third wife, Sir William (d.October 14, 1537), and Eleanor, widow of Walter Marsh (d.1546).Locke was a London mercer and gentleman usher of the chamber to Henry VIII who lived in Cheapside at the Sign of the Paddock.

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Under the Local Government Act, 1894, the parish and urban district of Melksham Within and the rural parish of Melksham Without were created. 3) Parts of Melksham Without were transferred to the urban district by County Council Orders of 18; (fn. The Bishop of Rochester recommended her for the position, writing to Lord Cromwell to say that she was "of good virtue and religion" and that "although there are in the house many elder than she is, yet is there none better learned nor more woman, she being herself above thirty." On her election as prioress, Joanna sent Lord Cromwell a gift of 100 and granted her illegitimate half brother, Ralph Fane, who was in Cromwell's service from 1531-38, the lease on the manor of Shipborne for ninety-nine years at 5 a year.Ralph was also granted a number of privileges at the priory.In 1567, at the unusually young age of 15, Grace married the 20-year-old Anthony Mildmay (the average age of marriage being early to mid-twenties for women and mid- to late twenties for men).Sir Anthony spent much of their marriage abroad, and they were married for 50 years until his death in 1617. Grace died on 27 July 1620 in Apethorpe, Northamptonshire, where she had moved upon her marriage.