Guide on dating vintage rings

Jewellery prices have been rising in recent years as investors move away from stocks and shares into more tangible commodities like diamonds, gemstones and collectable pieces.

And it cites the example of a dusty ruby brooch, which was bought in a Cambridgeshire charity shop for £1.50 and sold for £2,400 at auction after ‘scratches’ on its back were identified as a Cartier signature. Some great success stories have come out of valuations.

It was identified as jade and was worth an estimated £20,000-£30,000.In the second part of the article we will go into detail about individual design elements and techniques such as prong, channel, tension, bezel and pave setting.For over one hundred years the solitaire engagement ring has been the standard for generations of couples, and an iconic symbol of elegant simplicity.A comprehensive guide to ring settings will encompass both a discussion of styles and categories of ring designs, as well as specific information about the broad range of design elements and setting techniques that make up those styles.Different elements cross over between categories of styles.