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Zac is currently the sole member of the band Half Noise. Zac is the middle child of five siblings (Nate, Joshua, himself, Jonathan, and Isabelle) and is of Italian descent.Zac began playing drums at around the age of nine, and he was eleven years old when he played his first drum kit. Farro, at age 14, was a founding member of Paramore, created in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004.

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She has also partnered with MAC Cosmetics for the release of a makeup collection including orange lipstick, orange nail polish, coral eye shadow and a beauty powder.

As far as her personal life is concerned, she is a Christian.

is an American musician and drummer of the rock band Paramore.

Watching the breach play out on a computer screen was both sad and strange.

This was a group that could turn its inner dramas into singalongs with the piquancy of Fleetwood Mac and the efficiency of Black Flag.