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Also, bear in mind that we’ve selected the following models based on how much value each offers when both pricing and overall display performance specs are balanced against each other.

The following are far from budget 4K TVs for the most part (that listing can be found further down this page) but their rankings definitely take quality per dollar spent into consideration.

One exception to note is that even if resolution surpasses the resolving ability of the human eye, there is still an improvement in the way the image appears due to higher resolutions reducing aliasing.

In this context, it is important to be aware of two different types of what is often referred to be aliasing, but occur because of different reasons: The first one results in false detail/moiré/striped patterns in the displayed image due to improper filtering of high spatial frequencies contained in the original image.

The "UHD Alliance", an industry consortium of content creators, distributors, and hardware manufacturers, announced during CES 2016 press conference its "Ultra HD Premium" specification, which defines resolution, bit depth, color gamut, high-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) and rendering (HDRR) required for Ultra HD (UHDTV) content and displays to carry their Ultra HD Premium logo.

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It is also for HD PVR users with third party Mac or Linux applications.

HD is a package of high-definition digital satellite TV channels for German-speaking viewers and (as HD PLUS Gmb H) the company providing that package, based in Unterföhring near Munich, Germany.

HD is a subsidiary company of SES based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

HD provides a broadcast platform from satellites at the Astra 19.2°E position, independent from TV operators, for channels outside of the established pay-TV networks, and requires a dedicated receiver or an HD conditional-access module and Smart Card.

Since summer 2011, HD channels have also been available to Sky Deutschland subscribers.