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I’m not a souvenir purchaser but I did buy a spoon last year when I cycled across Vietnam and Cambodia with Denise Van Outen, Matt Johnson and Lydia Bright. It’s about a leper colony on an island just off Crete.We were in this tiny Vietnamese village and they were bending spoons and making them into bracelets, so each one of us got a spoon bracelet. It’s beautifully written and there’s a love story in there. He’s not a typical boy and doesn’t need to be doing stuff all the time.According to his research, the perfect picture shows something about your interests, whether that's baking, skiing, motorbiking or watching a box-set of 'Footballer's Wives'!

I spent my childhood on and off in Africa and when I was 18 my mum and dad moved back there, bought a plot of land and built this incredible house on the coast.Group pictures are also annoying to most online daters who don't like the pressure of having to figure out which person they're actually supposed to be checking out.There's also good news for male pilots and female physical therapist...apparently these are the jobs that grab the attention of online daters above all others!Heart London is a regional radio station owned and operated by Global Radio as part of the Heart network.On 25 June 2007, it was announced that Heart along with its sister stations The Arrow, Sky News Radio, LBC and Galaxy were to be sold for £170 million to Global Radio from Chrysalis Radio.