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She is the ex-girlfriend of rapper Young Joc; they have young, twin daughters, but after a tumultuous relationship they have called it quits for good.Earlier this week Cameron, who herself is Black, told a TMZ cameraman, “I actually don’t date Black guys,” before adding “I just have a thing for white boys.”Feeling the heat on social media, Andrew tried to clear things up by stating that she has dated Black men in the past but ultimately it became a “preference thing” and wouldn’t rule out one day marrying a Black man. On the bright side, she does support Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson’s possible run for President Of The United States.Only time will tell if Nicki and Nas will become Hip Hop’s latest power couple.The funniest thing about Amber to me is the fact that every other day she is calling herself a slut and glamorizing hoeing and hoe behavior, but gets mad because people associate her with the slutty behavior. Do you have a rumor tip that you would like to share?In Nicki’s 2012 video “Right By My Side” featuring Chris Brown, the two shared a sensual on-camera kiss.Although the nature of Nicki and Nas’ relationship isn’t crystal clear yet, what is clear is that the dinner was to celebrate a win of some sort as noted by everyone’s congratulatory captions.

Nas’ dating life has mostly been low-key since divorcing Kelis in 2010.It seems like every week he has a new hit song out, and everyone wants to be by his side.The rumors aren’t surprising, but sometimes it makes you wonder if the women are the ones starting the rumors while they’re trying to boost their likeliness of ever being with Drake.The couple got along great for the RHOA season 9 cameras, but she claims that they were just friends, and never intimate, not even in Hawaii.Cynthia insisted that she hasn’t been dating, but she plans on getting back out there soon, and hasn’t given up on love.