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The red hot star of Pirates of the Caribbean and the Hole is looking for a fun and fabulous make over.

New hair, make up, accessories, and clothes are all she needs! Disney princesses are very nervous about the upcoming movie awards ceremony. Help princesses Elsa, Jasmine and Ariel pick gorgeous gowns for tonight? Girls, go for that glam look in a variety of styles ahead of time before you go out to that exclusive Hollywood party!

Babs lived with her female secretary for the last 25 years of her life Some obvious character actors: Franklin Pangborn, Edward Everett Horton, Eric Blore Some not-so-obvious character actors: Andy Devine, Edgar Buchanan, George Tobias, Richard Deacon If we can expand this out to include international film stars one sad example would be Dirk Bogarde.

By some accounts DB never became a big name in Hollywood because of his refusal to enter a "Lavender marriage" and of course the morality clauses common in studio contracts of the day.

I've been surprised at some of the actors who were gay. Can't find any info on whether these actors were gay/bi but I've heard rumors about the following: -Orson Welles (rumored to be bi) -John Barrymore (rumored to be bi) -Al Jolson -David Wayne (rumored to be in a lavender marriage with his longtime wife) -Rod La Rocque -Erik Rhodes -Jack Benny (! Bacon said that because Burr wasn't a traditional leading man and that Burr worked in television rather than the movies, no one called out Burr for his sexuality.

) -Eddie Quillan -Edmund Lowe -Harpo Marx (rumored to have had more than a close friendship with columnist Alexander Wollcott) -R9, Ed Wynn set tongues wagging when, in 1946, he commented about his son Keenan, daughter-in-law Evie, and their bestie Van, "I can't keep them straight. Tyrone Power - technically bi, but he preferred men Robert Taylor - He ran in gay circiles as a young man, then married Barbara Stanwyck at the studio's demand.

Keenan loves Van."The following year, Keenan and Evie divorced, and the very next day, she married Van.

After divorcing Babs, he married a foreign actress and had a family.

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The record high temperature of 111 °F was recorded September 26, 1963, while the record low of 24 °F was recorded on January 4, 1949.If you wanna be a movie star, Los Angeles is the best place to become one, girls! She's been on the Hollywood strip all her life, and nothing's going to change that! Re style 'Twilight's' own fashionable femme fatale Kristen Stewart!Do you think you'll ever be able to join her on her princess post at the top of the socialite celebrity parties? This Hollywood megastar is as hot as she is cool and that means new styles, new clothes and ...West Hollywood benefits from a very dense, compact urban form with small lots, mixed land use, and a walkable street grid.According to Walkscore, a website that ranks cities based on walkability, West Hollywood is the most walkable city in California with a Walkscore of 89.