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This places at least one format code at the cursor location, visible in Reveal Codes.The code will always display the current date using the computer system's internal date; hence, it is changeable, not fixed.) Since the current date will be inserted as text characters this is done just once by the macro when you load a new document from the template (usually with File, New from Project or File, New in WP8 and earlier). Hello name name is yada - yada my age is 35 (js goes here in place of 35). I always forget to update my age on my site so Im looking for a way to make this automatic like a auto current year one I have for my copyright. Hi Eric can't you just use nearly the same script you're using for the copyright. Below you can see a schedule of the anticipated release dates for course transitions and new course releases.On the dates below, we’ll remove old versions of the courses, and progress tracking will no longer be available.

Over 3 years ago, we released “HTML & CSS,” “Python” and a number of other language-specific courses that have been the centerpiece of what Codecademy offers.All achievements will be maintained however, so if you finished a course already you’ll be able to show that you completed it—even after the switch. Just make sure to complete the courses before we retire them for good.You can consult the schedule at the end of this post for specific dates.No more having to change the date manually even without a php enabled webpage.'use strict'; //set up needed constants var branding = ; var default Branding = ; // debugger; function get Parameter By Name(name) try catch (e) finally var texts = {"title":"Wix Help Center","":"Contact Us","":"https://com/contact/en?