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Findings from a study by Hills and colleagues suggest that the strong effect of minor infections on the risk of stroke in children is short-lived.

The risk appears to be highest during the three days following a doctor’s visit for an infection, after which it rapidly diminishes.

In mouse experiments where autophagy was improved (by inhibiting the m TOR gene), lifespan increased some 28%.

has a potent inhibitor of the m TOR gene, which enhances autophagy and lifespan. Li, [Nuclear cardiology study on effective ingredients of Astragalus membranaceus in treating heart failure].

In a retrospective study of medical records, they identified 102 children who had sustained an arterial ischemic stroke and 306 control children without stroke.

has special nutraceutical grade components and is backed by multiple genetic studies on both animals and human stem cells. Research indicates that the ends of chromosomes (i.e. In the modern world and our overly active lives, it is hard to avoid repeated stressful situations. Paul, S., et al., Anti-inflammatory action of pterostilbene is mediated through the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in colon cancer cells.

(3) Chronic Stress is strongly correlated with aging and disease. Today your best strategy is to use nutraceuticals, exercise and a healthy diet to extend your youth and lifespan until more powerful treatments become available. Bryant Villeponteau's book Decoding Longevity now available on

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