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An inmate accused of sending what he claimed were anthrax-laced letters to several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, while behind bars for kidnapping and raping a Middle Tennessee college student is trying to mount an insanity defense. Attorney Bart Slabbekorn has not yet said what motivated the alleged anthrax hoax attack or identified the prison from which the letters were sent.He also is questioning Bryant’s current mental state.“Defense counsel has concerns regarding the present mental capacity of his client Waford Knight Bryant and his ability to discuss his case with the defense team,” Sharp wrote. Bryant has an extensive documented history of mental health treatment.”Slabbekorn countered at a recent court hearing Bryant made the same claim of insanity in the prosecution of the kidnapping and rape without success. He then took her hostage, forcing her to get money from an ATM. Bryant initially was imprisoned at the South Central Correctional Facility in Clifton, Tenn., a private prison operated by Corrections Corporation of America that has been the focus of scrutiny across the nation for how the business runs such facilities. District for the Middle District of Tennessee, Bryant claimed he saw a cellmate having oral sex with another male inmate in May 2012 and demanded to be moved into a new cell because the sight "triggered flashbacks from childhood" of his own alleged rape and beating.At some point, Bryant made a stop in Roane County, where he raped her again and tried to strangle her with battery jumper cables. The DOC, which operates state prisons, contracts with CCA to house some state prisoners. When CCA staff refused, Bryant packed up his cell belongings and sat the box outside his cell.First off, the players can choose what mode they want to play in. The Normalizens consist of Builders, Military, Resource Structures, Research Structures, Towers, Garrison Structures, Shops and Walls. They are mostly used to cover your camp from the Insanes. Whenever there comes rivalry or dispute between them, or when they feel like they want a contest, then there always is a Pv P system. In the middle of chaos, the Insanes love to bring a trouble party with them just to make a Normalizen to be one with themselves. They blind you from vision, and that's not good especially for towers. Your first priority is to get resources quick and fast, and have at least 1 offensive/defensive unit, in which it is just a Tower in early game. There are 5 modes: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane. Normalizens can declare war on each other, as well as redeclare alliance. Random Events will definitely occur, and it must be expected by the Normalizens in order to survive their chaotic acts. Any unit whose vision is blurred cannot attack on that spot, even if enemies are in combat range of the unit. Power Build it if you must, since Pests are a problem. All structures you can build have the same size, except walls.