Instans sex chate

With over 2 billion people on the internet there are plenty of people to meet.It can be fun chatting to people who are interested in the same stuff as us.Flirting Dos Flirting Don'ts Community Q&A So you want to flirt with a guy or gal on MSN, AIM, Facebook Chat, or any other instant messaging service and you don't want to look like a creep?

While IM used to be strongly associated with a small number of platforms – at times both MSN (Microsoft Network) and BBM (Blackberry Messenger) have been synonymous with it – today almost every online platform has instant messaging functionality.

See Step 1 below to start flirting smartly and respectfully.

Maybe they say they live near you or like the same music as you.

In Canada, the top two instant messaging apps are Facebook Messenger (which lets users chat both through the mobile app and through their Facebook account) and Whats App (which offers text, audio, video and photo messaging), each of which have about one-sixth of the Canadian market; no other single app has more than three per cent.

Most young people use instant messaging on a regular basis.