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Korean online game industry has grown to the size of billion as of 2010.And ever-growing PC rooms (internet cafe) were the major growth factor of all.This also means you don’t need to worry about viruses infecting your media – they simply can’t survive in this environment.Whilst using our PCs you can charge your mobile at no extra cost just by plugging into the leads provided for Blackberry, i Phones, Windows and Android phones.But these days you're far more likely to catch a WIFI signal from dozens of cafes then find one with a computer kiosk.Prices to use a computer with internet access are very reasonable - expect to pay around 4 zloty per hour (that's about one English pound or 2 US dollars) and there are rock-bottom price deals if you plan to spend a lot of time surfing or for the night owls who want to work through during the dead hours.When Customers comes in, they pick up a registered card with activation numbers printed.They freely choose seats and activate their codes, and that is when the time-counting starts.

In fact, our cafe was heavily featured in the BBC's 'One Show' about security in internet cafes with Quantum being the example of how to do it correctly. If you’re worried about any data you might leave behind, simply log off or restart the machine and everything will be reset to a clean state.Even right back in the day when we started (1996), we always had the philosophy that you could use our PCs as if they were your own.This was very difficult back then as there was no technology to prevent the machines being, well, totally wrecked after a period of time, and it was constant struggle to keep them in good order.You will probably need an adapter so that you can connect to the electricity supply.Plugs in the UK have three square pins, as follows: Check your insurance to see if it covers loss, theft or accidental damage to your computer when you are travelling, while it is in your room, or while you are using it outside your room.