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What kind of lightning bolt from the far west was that cupid shooting?

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But his shrink turns his world inside out by signing him up for an internet dating club just at the time his insurance agent informs him he is eligible to receive the services of prostitutes specially trained to handle the psychologically impaired. I strongly recommend this film to people who want to experience a different style of filmmaking.

You’ve met someone titillating who really jump starts your love life with a zap. You may never know for though the sparks had started an inferno in your house of relationships, this cowboy is good at lighting fires but takes off into the smokey haze if things start looking serious.

Thomas is almost happy in this deliberate self-imprisonment.

He finds virtual pleasure with an interactive "sextoon" game featuring Clara, a large-breasted animation in a cute bellhop outfit. But this picture is much more than just a character in love. Although we never see the main character, we can feel his emotions through his words and his eyes.