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“Memories are becoming hyperlinks to information triggered by keywords and URLs," says Geoloqi's CEO Amber Case.

"We are becoming ‘persistent paleontologists’ of our own external memories, as our brains are storing the keywords to get back to those memories and not the full memories themselves." leadership roles in prominent organizations, including Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Yahoo, Ericsson Research, Harvard, MIT and Yale, and 40 percent of them are research scientists.

On the other hand, 42 percent of respondents think that the wired mentality will actually impair cognitive abilities.

By 2020, Millennials will "spend most of their energy sharing short social messages, being entertained, and being distracted away from deep engagement with people and knowledge." They'll lack "deep-thinking capabilities" and "face-to-face social skills." The good news is that Millennials will become good decision-makers and nimble analysts, but the bad news is that they'll expect instant gratification and will, often, make quick, shallow choices.

Really motivated and always ready to learn new things.

Category: Personal profile :: As an international worker, I have been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to my working environment.

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