Is wang zi and gui gui dating in real life

Many fans want Gui Gui and Aaron Yan to be together.There's even a couple name coined for them (Gui Lun)! They were onscreen lovers in the 2008 Taiwanese drama Pi Li MIT, but I don't think they're actually dating in real life.Well when i watched Brown Sugar Macchiato, Wang Zi was paired with Gui Gui. They were so adorable in BSC before xx came and ruin everything.In The Legend of the Brown Sugar Chivalries he was paired with Ya Tou then Xiao Xun. sorry if its from drama i dont know wang zi for long, i just recently watched Brown Sugar Macchiato a fallen for Wang zi x Gui Gui couple *__* rhis schocked me cause I really dont like Xiao Xun and she does not look good next to Xiao Yu and next to Wang Zi too Wang zi and Gui Gui of course, I think it's disgusting to see Wang Zi with XX, sorry people. BUT I choose Gui gui, she suit him the best, but I dont really care if xx and wang zi is toghether, cause gui gui is Arron's; D People dont kill me:) omg, TOTALLY Wang Zi and Gui Gui.She briefly attended the Dao Jiang Senior High School of Nursing & Home Economics (臺北市私立稻江高級護理家事職業學校) before transferring to Zhuangjing Senior Vocational School in the Xindian District of Taipei, where she became classmates with JPM's Wang Zi.), and launched their first self-titled album in August 2008.

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Later, the band, Lollipop admits on Kangxi Lai Le that the drama had been more of an introduction of the two groups instead of a major acting challenge, as the members were told to act like themselves, and that many subplots were explained only briefly due to the large number of main characters.[1] After thirteen episodes, the drama ended on October 7, 2007.

Consisting of eight girls, Hey Girl would often collaborate with the Taiwanese boy band, Lollipop F. Her former manager, Andy Chang, expressed that she was unlikely to renew her contract, and with an ambiguous post on her personal blog, Gui Gui has also admitted to her decision of leaving the group.

Andy Chang later announced that Hey Girl did not belong to the Channel V Management, and thus, Gui Gui would still be attending the promotional activities per usual.

However, the album promotions following his statement did not include Gui Gui, who was said to be busy with the promotions of the idol drama Pi Li MIT.

On the May 6, 2009, Andy Chang officially confirmed that Gui Gui will not be renewing her contract with Channel V, and that her involvement with Hey Girl will have to be clarified with Warner Music, as Hey Girl did not belong to Channel V.