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Now four of them - Munira Khalif from Minnesota, Stefan Stoykov from Indiana, Victor Agbafe from North Carolina and Pooja Chandrashekar from Virginia - have announced they will be heading to Harvard in the fall, while Harold Ekeh from New York has opted for Yale.While the students are from different cities and bound for different schools, they all have one thing in common: they are the offspring of immigrant parents who moved to America - from Bulgaria, Somalia, Mexico, India or Nigeria - to give their children greater opportunities.'The thing about choosing a college is choosing the place that you feel you can become the best person you can be at the end of your four-year journey, and I definitely think that MIT will do that for me.'Star pupil: Munira Khalif, from St.'And that's always been at the back of my mind.' Khalif, who will study political science at Harvard, also received offers from Stanford, Georgetown and the University of Minnesota - and while she couldn't believe it, her teachers were not surprised.'It was difficult to turn down offers from many amazing schools around the country,' he said in a statement.'I felt that Harvard offered the best fit for me personally, but I really could not have made a wrong choice, regardless of where I chose to study.''It is an incredible feeling,' Stefan told WTHR last month.None of those were as jarring as having a potential first-meet flirt pivot into a PR pitch.

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He is also valedictorian and secured a perfect SAT score by borrowing test guides from the library.

The 18-year-old was accepted by 14 colleges in total and, 10 years after his parents moved him from Nigeria to the U.

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Turner admitted that he had fondled the unnamed victim - a 23-year-old UC Santa Barbara graduate who lived in Palo Alto, where the college is located - but had always denied that he raped the woman.