Jana peri dating sucks

Aggressive & catchy Power Pop, Hard Rock, and Punk mix and the vibe is a good one.

Raw, fun, hook filled Rock N Roll – think the Ramones meet Cheap Trick with some Social D and Plimsouls thrown into the mix for good measure.

But millennials have comfortably embraced the habit of ignoring someone until they go away. After all, you wouldn’t just walk away mid-conversation from someone you’ve been talking to on the street.

You’re now familiar with the terms catfish and ghosting. Millennials have not only created a new dating culture, they’ve also coined new cryptic dating jargon. The ambiguity of dating lingo can be downright confusing to dating app newbies, who couldn’t possibly know the various implications of the eggplant emoji.

Inspired by a lifelong love of The Beatles, Blondie and punk rock, Catching Flies With Vinegar’s twelve contagious tunes enthusiastically invite the attention of any music fan who wonders why pop music has become so tedious.

On this impressive disc, Jana Peri’s hook-heavy melodies, clever lyrics and mature, complex voice separate her from legions of musicians going only for formulaic success and mark her as singular.

“Music is a calling,” says New York City rocker, Jana Peri.

She later shifted her attention from acting to music, performing in NYC clubs for several years before releasing a debut, self-titled, self-produced CD on her own Hot Jupiter label in 1999. The group, known for its hook-laden songs and vocal harmonies, has gone on to become a popular fixture on the downtown NYC rock scene.

Jana’s potential to get listeners singing along is amazing and her ability to rock out is guaranteed.

A native New Yorker, Jana grew up in the suburbs of Long Island in a home filled with music.

” There’s no doubt that Jana has been on a mission to rock since her teens.

With a critically lauded EP and hundreds of gigs under her studded leather belt, Jana has released her hotly anticipated debut album, (produced by renowned Ramones producer/co-songwriter Daniel Rey).