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ruling by the Supreme Court that state bans on gay marriage are illegal.

The Jefferson County Clerk's office couldn't immediately issue marriage licenses, however, until the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives sent out a revised certificate.

This breakup sucks, but we hope they can share custody and be there for their little boy.

The journalist, who was celebrating her 500th episode, looked emotional on being asked about the hitmaker’s clip, in which she discussed her mental health issues.

Flash back to the day of Daniel’s release from prison: Janet laments the time that Daniel has lost.

Amantha accuses Janet of being incapable of happiness and implores her to appreciate Daniel’s homecoming.

The eyewitness also reported that for the past month Janet has not been seen at the residence and only Wissam has been spotted coming and going.The 70-year-old said the 12-minute upload “broke her heart” after pal Sinead said she was suicidal and living alone in a -a-night Travelodge in New Jersey.Revealing the pair were close around the same time she released Nothing Compares 2 U in 1990, Janet commented: “I can hardly bear that clip.“It really affects me.While supporters took to the streets to celebrate, the decision has already started to divide the nation, including the Supreme Court justices.In 1924 the first gay rights organization, the Society for Human Rights, formed in Chicago.