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Representatives for Warner Bros., CBS and Sheen declined comment Wednesday.

HAVING wreaked havoc (and hit headlines) during Milan Fashion Week by invading various catwalk shows uninvited, Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego Bruno is at it again in Paris - this morning making a very conspicuous appearance on the second row of the Stella Mc Cartney show.

With his red thong clearly visible above his jeans, the comedian - who was virtually unrecognisable in a flamboyant leather gilet, with his slicked-down hair dyed blonde and brown - sucked Tampax, clapped along to the music and generally disgruntled the front row by continually pushing aside those sitting in front of him for a better look at the models.

Their debut single, "Show Stopper," was all about the strong female swag (before swag was swag, in the mainstream anyway) and sex appeal.

Album cuts like "Sucka For Love", "2 Of You" and "One Shot" are mainstream friendly but definitely not teen idol material.