Job hunting is like dating

It’s Friday afternoon and you finally heard from that hiring manager you've been dying to hear back from.There were “many strong candidates for the role” and unfortunately they ended up going with someone else -- still, they wish you the best of luck on your search! With countless apps and dating websites, meeting new people online isn’t too different from applying and interviewing for a job.There is also the element of surprise and unpredictability with dating and job interviews. Anything is possible.” But how do you finally land the job that you want and how do you finally find the famous perfect match? Before you even start looking for job vacancies, you have to figure out what you really want to do and may have to do a little ‘self-discovery’. ”, are only a few examples that you should try to answer to have a clearer picture of where you want to work.You may come as prepared as humanly possible; however, some questions such as “Have you taken drugs before? In my previous article, I presented a few self-assessment tools that might help you to get to know yourself better. We often think about the dream partner and how we would like him/her to be and often forget to think about if all of this is realistic and if it really matches with who we are. You’ve figured out what you want, so what’s the next step?In one of my previous articles, I have already drawn the parallel between dating (having a date with yourself) and the topic of self-assessment when it comes to career orientation.In this article, I would like to reflect on the topic of dating again and this time in relation to job hunting.Before you begin testing for activity, I suggest interviewing witnesses.

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