Joomla dating module

i Cagenda is cross-platform and is running both on Joomla! ™ 3 (that means you can upgrade a joomla 2.5 website to Joomla 3 without the lost of your already created events! Share-it is one of Digital River’s My Commerce solutions.All My Commerce solutions are secured by Digital River’s enterprise e-commerce infrastructure, which includes a proven payment gateway, advanced fraud prevention, 24x7 customer service and much more.I recently launched a Serious Relationship Dating site called NOTfor Since I had dependency on a lot of the modules which were not released in Drupal 6 at the time when I had started it, this is still a Drupal 5 site.I guess one say that it is a value based niche that I am trying to pitch.

Just wanted to hear about your experiences designing such site and had some questions.Also some of the people who have posted to this forum, their links aren't working. Are those failed projects due to lack of development time? I just heard about Drupal a few days ago and installed it and now loading up some modules in it.1) How's the performance of Drupal under heavy load?