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Far more common is the story of the once-happy sex life that has waned as the years passed — that initial physical bond becoming fractured in the maelstrom of raising children, earning a living, running a house and growing older.Indeed, the statistics tell a story of decline: the older we get, the less love we make.

Sex reduces diastolic blood pressure, that is, the bottom number while reading blood pressure. Immunoglobulin A, an antigen that fights the flu increases when the frequency of sex increases. Makes You Look Younger Making love three times a week can make you look 10 years younger, claims a Scottish researcher.

Scientists with New England Research Institute examined the effect of sex on the heart. Erlich, an arthritis specialist from Philadelphia conducted a study on the link between arthritis and sex.

The study concluded that men are 45 percent less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases. But if you experience back pain, it is best to consult a doctor. He narrows down that patients who engaged in sex experienced less pain. Builds trust and intimacy The act of sex spikes the hormone oxytocin; this hormone is responsible for your happiness and love.

Stressed, burdened with life's difficult problems and fear that your health is declining? During sex your body produces dopamine, a substance that fights stress hormones, endorphins, aka "happiness hormones" and oxytocin, a desire-enhancing hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

Then sex is the answer to happiness, longevity and a healthy body. Well, here's a list of the health benefits of sex, so do it daily to experience complete pleasure. In a study, published in the Public Library of Science journal, three neuroscience researchers conducted a test on male rats and found that the sexually active rats were less anxious than rats with no sexual activity. Great Form of Exercise Making love is a form of physical activity.