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Bella Hadid is enjoying herself while in Monaco for the Grand Prix!

Initially, it was rumored that the Formula 1 racing champ was interested in Jenner's friend Gigi Hadid, who was also at the event.

The couple were also spotted together at the Montage Hotel in the same region.

Reports of a relationship between the F1 driver and the teenage model first emerged when they were seen together at last month’s Paris Fashion Week.

After analysing the data this evening we will discuss how to go about the setup as we definitely have to change things to be able to fight back tomorrow - and more importantly on Sunday. LH: There is no such thing as a guarantee for winning - not even here!

If we win this weekend then it will be because we have worked very hard for it and not because of the opinion that people have that this is a ‘Mercedes track'! We have to find some changes that will help us get back to the strength that we had and that Ferrari obviously has at this very moment.