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As a little fem gay boy, I rushed home to watch "Girl Talk" where she told breath taking stories about her little dogs hidden in her purse on airplane rides. I suppose OP's point though is that other people don't recognize the names. Wow, Inger Stevens,a great actress who was just hitting her stride when she killed herself(murdered? I think she may have become a major big screen actress had she lived. (I was in high school and in the chorus) She was pleasant as I recall.

Rula Lenska a british actress who did commercials in the states. She was married to James Mac Arthur for a good long while so Helen Hayes was her MIL.[quote] Joyce Boulifant. She gave us so many little slices of her life in those Camay commercials.

Recently, much publicity has been generated surrounding unclaimed funds.

It would be great if you would add to this guestbook! My dad name was Vincenzo Castronovo ,he was born in Italy, I think in cimina, Italy.

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" She then instructed him to wipe the baby's "tush" and penis clean, before telling him, "I think we should cover their penises, this doesn't look good!

" Jon's baby then urinated on his hand."For me, it would be Betsy Palmer and Virginia Graham. Joanne Worley for example, was made famous on "Laugh In" but she also did stage work and cabaret shows. I did a dinner theater show with her in the mid- 80s.

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