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Over the years since that first event, Thursday nights at the Rosewood Sand Hill came to be known unofficially as "cougar nights." "If you're a young lad who likes older women, this is the place for you," one Yelp reviewer says.

Another jokes: "You will meet some real diversity here.

Thursday nights have become surprisingly popular at a five-star Menlo Park hotel.

Two eagle-eyed matchmakers, big tech money, and an army of stiletto-shod women mix and mingle there—all important factors in Silicon Valley’s peculiar mating algorithm.

The mentality is you want to fit in here and you don't want to stand out.

Employees want to blend into their company culture.

Block’s pledge of a hefty amount of money to build a chapel at ..

Menlo Park's Rosewood Sand Hill hotel is famous for having one of the hottest social scenes in Silicon Valley, especially on Thursday nights.

It all started when Amy Andersen, Silicon Valley matchmaker and founder of Linx Dating, hosted her first "Link and Drink" event at the hotel in 2009.

He has to ask.“Excuse me, why do you have ‘Rosewood’ written on your hand?

” Rudolph inquires.“Because, dude,” the barista replies, “my friend told me if I go there on Thursday night I’m guaranteed to get lucky!