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Every three minutes organizers rang a small bell to signal it was time to change partners.After a couple of hours, every woman had spoken to every other woman.Although “femme” seems to be a pretty specific label in itself, the truth is that it covers a wide array of different characteristics and attributes.Sometimes, these areas overlap, and there’s nothing wrong with that.Other then to say that femme/femme relationships and butch/butch relationships are as common as butch/femme relationships.Just maybe it’s not as noticeable because when two girls are both the same “type” they are easily mistaken for platonic friends by onlookers, unless they’re making it super obvious that they’re together.Then even when both girls are the same type, and for the sake of writing what I know, two femmes, there is still usually some sort of role assignment. It’s not arbitrary but more of a natural selection based on each girl’s own personality.

The most prominent is Brenda, an app similar to Grindr that was created by a man.

, who founded On Speed Dating two years ago, said she organizes speed dating events for niche groups ranging from fitness fanatics to those interested in men taller than 6 feet 1 inch.

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When we think about our lesbian labels, there is an endless list of possibilities for what a woman may consider herself.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the labels that fall at the more feminine side of the spectrum – generally grouped as “femmes”.