Lonely heart dating site

The booming £12billion online dating market is proving rich fodder for fraudsters who regularly trawl websites to hoodwink thousands of victims out of millions of pounds every year.

A dating fraud campaign launched today aims to stamp out these ‘romance scams’ – where dates turn out to be nothing more than fraudsters who destroy people’s lives both financially and emotionally.

After the money is collected, the 'worker' receives their commission.

They will then try to get more money out of the victim.

Often in such cases, people are scammed into sending money to someone they think they are in a relationship with.

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Often if you look around you can find a picture of the same person with a different name on another website.This type of scam usually targets lonely older men who are willing to suspend their disbelief that some gorgeous young blonde Russian girl has fallen for them.However, older women are targeted too, often by West African criminal gangs.So how have people over the centuries used changing technology to find somebody to love?Romantics are preparing for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday but Cupid’s arrow has a costly outcome for an increasing number of single people searching for a soulmate.