Lotus domino calendar error validating user

Setting Continue = False would in addition prohibit saving.First you create the Script-Library, that contains your sub Validate.In some cases, anti-virus software has been implicated in deleting such files. Upgrading to the latest version of anti-virus software is also recommended.Configuring the anti-virus software to exclude files with an extension of . Setting NOTES_TEMPDIR in the client's file to a directory that is specifically used for storing such files can also help to prevent this problem.Canonical name: CN=Joe Blocks/OU=sales/O=ACME Mail Server (Home): CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACMEMail File (Home): mail/Mail Server (Current): CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACMEMail File (Current): mail/Mail File Replicas: [CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACME, mail/jblocks.nsf], [CN=domino-02/OU=srv/O=ACME, mail/jblocks.nsf] Notes ID: Mail File contains the Notes ID which was last updated by CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACME on Friday, February 19, 2010 PM CET.Auto Sync User State: Online Last Prime Synchronization: Friday, March 12, 2010 PM CET Devices: Device ID: 811833D71C5C220737E65639D4548330204FC023 Device Description: X1i: Pocket PC/6(5.2.19608): IBM Lotus Notes Traveler/ Security Policy Status: No policy Security State: Clear Last Synchronization: Friday, March 12, 2010 PM CET Auto Sync Device State: Online Auto Sync Connection State: Connected (Friday, March 12, 2010 PM CET) Auto Sync Applications to Synchronize: mail, calendar, contact, journal, task, serviceability, security Auto Sync Change Flags: clear " command.Name(0) trimmed = Trim(Txt) If ( trimmed = "") Then Msg Box "Please enter some text." source. I agree, that this is probably not the best way of doing this at all.

So if this has to be done in Lotus Script, then the best place qould be the Query Save- Event of the form (where by the way Source is a Notes UIDocument, so you don't have to set it yourself).I had to remove my calendar profile using IBM's Admin Tools 1.3 as explained here instead.I did not have the right to use agents in my mail file so this solution worked.Current Document End Sub Function Validate Form ( Source As Notes UIDocument) As Boolean On Error Go To e Set doc=source. Otherwise Tode and David are both correct, but I would do like David suggests and use an agent.Document Dim Txt As String Dim trimmed As string txt = doc. Or why not use field validation, that was my first thought.