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Two of my harps come from the Gaelic tradition, and are known in their native language by the name clarsach.

Born out in the country, in the small town of Buncrana, Ireland, he moved with his family to Boston in 1947 when he was four years old.She sings of the first date, how the new person of adoration brings light to her darkness and how her partner “makes her feel good” — all components of the early stages of a relationship.Bruno Mars can belt out a sweet tune, and he definitely does this in “Just the Way You Are,” when he sings of how much he loves a woman."In today's Bergedorfer Zeitung, page 11, 7.7.14: (translated) "There was competition in the Bergedorf Castle Street where IKE MORIZ was on stage.The son of the local jeweller - a celebrated star in South Africa - gave a taster of his talent."Sofia Marie has the first cold of her life.