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Sociometric assessment yielded peer-reported measures of adolescents' preference- and reputation-based popularity.Results Adolescents were more likely to report engagement in oral sex than intercourse, report more oral sex partners than intercourse partners, and were unlikely to report use of STI protection during oral sex.The primary eviction statute for park tenancies is at ORS 90.630.Note that the rules for owners of floating homes renting a moorage in a marina are very similar, except with regard to closure of the marina.The following information regarding manufactured and mobile home parks is general legal information.You may review the statutes involved at Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 90, especially sections 90.505 to 90.840.

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Objective To provided initial descriptive information regarding adolescents' engagement in oral sex and to investigate adolescents' perceptions of their best friends' sexual behavior and peer-reported popularity as two social mechanisms that may influence engagement in oral sex.

Methods A total of 212 tenth graders reported their engagement in oral sex and intercourse, number of sexual partners, and use of sexually transmitted infection (STI) protection, as well as perceptions of their best friends' sexual behaviors.