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Pop Wrap: How do you feel about returning to the “So You Think You Can Dance” stage?

Mark Kanemura: I’m definitely excited but I’m also really nervous. They can be so cruel about that stuff sometimes [laughs]. PW: What was it like when you got the call about returning? I had flashbacks to my season because at first I thought they wanted me to compete again. [laughs] But once they explained the all-star idea to me I thought it was very interesting.

From earning law degrees to becoming full-out dance instructors, these former contestants have gone on to accomplish quite a bit since we last saw them.

Here’s what we were able to find out after a whole lot of stalking some very extensive research.

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Jeremy has been a part of feature films: Bedtime Stories, Dance Flick, Bring It On 5, Hannah Montana The Movie, Princess and The Frog, Step Up 3D, and had a featured dance role in the remake of Fame.Name: Dmitry Chaplin Season: 2 Where He Is Now: Dmitry went on to become a Dancing With the Stars professional who has been partnered with the singer Mya and supermodel Petra Nemcova.Though he hasn’t participated as a permanent Name: Kupono Aweau Season: 5 Where He Is Now: Not only did Kupono dance alongside Madonna at the Super Bowl Halftime show this year, but he was also featured in her “Girls Gone Wild” music video.It remains to be seen how impressed judges will be however with his claim it was his 'guidance and advice' that led to her first full season contract as a judge on the show in 2007, not to mention an even more a lucrative, three-year renewal of the contract as the following year.The Hollywood manager alleges he not only provided Murphy with his public relations expertise, but Murphy owes her on-camera persona in-part to him, having written many of the judge’s “one liners," rehearsing her scripted reactions and organizing her styling needs.