Maya dating

Maya is back at Xavier as a student teacher observing Gerry’s class.After being her teacher for three years, Gerry is having difficulty accepting her as an adult, which is compounded when he learns that she is dating Bill.Tragically, their relationship ended when Cam, who had been suffering sever depression, committed suicide when convinced that Maya would be better off without him in her life.His abrupt death left Maya traumatized and emotionally scarred and unstable, sending her into a downward spin before she soon learned to come to terms with his passing.

Bobbi embarks on a series of misguided attempts to prove to Malik that she can be feminine after a lice outbreak leaves her questioning her identity.

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Unafraid to speak her mind and not interested in gaining popularity or what people think of her, she often finds herself in trouble.

Maya is insecure about her body and wants to look more "mature" since everyone often thinks she's younger than she really is based on her body.