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is that it has this amazing highly engaged audience," Dodge said.

LA has numerous gay bars and eateries, but none that cater exclusively to lesbians. Founder (and filmmaker) Anna Margarita Albelo aka La Chocha saw an opportunity to create an event that would playfully and irreverently bring her community together to celebrate the lesbian experience, and make it inclusive and available to everyone.

There are plans to make The Lesbian Culture Club a regular event series in 2017, highlighting performance, music, literature, film, art and photography to unite our community and showcase queer talent.

She chose to set the series in Virginia because that’s where her wife of seven years, Karman Kregloe, is from.“As a writer, you don’t wait to get hired, you hire yourself,” Mc Manus said. Tello creates web series specifically for the lesbian/queer community because they “love lesbians and don’t feel there are enough of them.” “I just love it,” she said.

In the past few years, San Francisco lost its last women’s bar. The Lesbian Culture Club was born to address this decline.

"We also love that it's a go-to resource for that fun and feminist perspective on entertainment news." Dodge says regular readers of the site will not experience too many immediate changes as far as form or functionality.

He did say, however, Evolve Media was looking to grow the staff and expand 's stable of writers.

“Well, I don’t actually have a fetus photo but I can try and track one down for you.” Like Carol Burnett, Mc Manus is a fearless comedic force and has been performing stand-up for five years.

Her style is conversational, personal, provocative, and uninhibited.