Meaning of intimidating

In some parts of Assam, this chili is called naga zôlôkiya (নগা জলকীয়া), believed to be named after the ferocious Naga warriors inhabiting the plains and hills of Nagaland.This is probably because the chili has long been colloquially known as Raja mircha or Raja mirchi in Nagaland.

If you dream of a buffalo herd, this indicates that a period of abundance and peace is coming your way.

If your dream depicts the killing or injury of a buffalo, it suggests you should think carefully about or even avoid becoming involved in new ventures The buffalo symbol has a specific meaning for women.

If a woman has a dream in which she kills many buffalo, this means that she will be associated with an ambitious enterprise and that by foregoing material elements and enforcing her will power, she will win the high regard of the men in her life and could receive benefits she has long desired.

The chili is referred differently in different regions.

In Assam, it is widely known as bhût zôlôkiya (ভুত জলকীয়া) or bih zôlôkiya.