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Located just outside Azamara’s main restaurant, this congenial bar is a favorite gathering place for pre- and post-dinner conversation and drinks.Bar service includes a full selection of fine wines, mixed drinks, and premium spirits…plus the entertaining banter of Azamara’s friendly bartenders.Ask a few if they saw the film years ago, and you'll probably get reactions like the ones I recently got: "Sure, I loved it! Three times." – Jim Sleeper "Not only did I see it, maybe three times, but I adored it so much I wrote about it at length for is a low-budget, French-language film, set in Geneva with a screenplay by Tanner, a Swiss director influenced by British and French avant-garde cinema, and British essayist-novelist John Berger. The setting is the house of one of them, and the activity is soul-searching about career, love, sex, politics, and lapsed values.

There’s always more than you can cope with.” He predicted the slow death of magazines and newspapers: “The monarchy of print has ended and an oligarchy of new media has usurped most of the power of that 500-year-old monarchy.” And he foresaw the rise of crowd-sourced news: “If we pay careful attention to the fact that the press is a mosaic, participant kind of organization and a do-it-yourself kind of world, we can see why it is so necessary to democratic government.” Mc Luhan anticipated reality TV long before it was a glimmer in the producer Mark Burnett’s eye: “I used to talk about the global village; I now speak of it more properly as the global theatre. Doing his thing outside and raising a ruckus in a quest for identity.” When, in his bestselling book , he wrote, “Wars, revolutions, civil uprisings are interfaces within the new environments created by electric informational media,” he could have been writing about how Twitter and Facebook shaped the Arab Spring.

You’ll find a tasteful collection of merchandise and beautiful jewelry and watches in four onboard stores.

Before or after a day of onshore discovery, or when sailing between destinations, we’ve got plenty of options for both.

In the ’60s, Mc Luhan was hobnobbing with celebrities, advising politicians and forever changing how we think about mass media.

A hundred years after his birth, the world has finally caught up with his theories Nineteen sixty-five was the turning point of Marshall Mc Luhan’s career—the Annus Mc Luhanis, the Year of Marshall Law, the heady, vertiginous breakout of Mc Luhan-mania.