Mpd and dating

I once knew a person who claimed to have it, and I assume she was telling the truth. There were eight or so very different personalities.She occasionally came to meetings of an organization I belong to. They had different names, different speech mannerisms, completely different behavior patterns and outlooks on life.She was a bright, interesting person and pretty open about the MPD. The name she used at the meeting was not her birth name nor the name of any of the personalities.I wouldve liked to be friends, but at some level there was weirdness that made it not possible. It was an integrated personality she and her therapist had created.I can see her letting you know as a way of explaining why sometimes she won't recognize you out in public..still.I think I probably would have said something like, "If I ever see you when I'm out and about and I don't say hello, please don't take offense.It is extremely complex and it sure is not for every man.There can not be a relationship, if there is no trust.

I have tried to make this document as safe as possible, but obviously cannot be held responsible for `triggering' dissociative folks.Has anyone else known someone with multiple personalities?Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of, but I would be wary of someone who lets you know they have a personality disorder simply because ya'll bump into each other occasionally.Greetings, friend or SO (significant other) of a survivor.I have been largely unable to find any information that would be helpful to us, so I decided to try and come up with something.