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Thursday to reflect date of expected update; Tax ACT's update.Portland State University junior Maggie Brown is buying books on spring break, so an Oregon tax refund could come in handy right now.If Turbo Tax recognizes that your return requires a form or function that isn’t supported by your current plan (such as itemized deductions or self-employment income), it automatically prompts you to upgrade without losing the information you’ve already entered.If you opt for a paid plan, you don’t have to pay until you file.For more information, see “If I receive a corrected tax statement, will the updated tax data be available to import? Note: Until tax data becomes available in early February, you will see a screen “No Documents Currently Available for Import”, which lets you know when tax data for various statements will be available to import.

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Turbo Tax uses an interview-style tax preparation process, using your answers to a series of simple questions (such as “Do you have any children or dependents?We’ll update this guide fully before tax day, but we’re sure Turbo Tax will remain our pick for most people.Our runner-up pick for simpler filing situations will once again be Tax Act, as Free Tax USA hasn’t added some of the security features we’d like to see.We tried five online tax-preparation services in early 2017 and prepared nearly three dozen returns for five fictional filers—plus a few staffers—with a variety of incomes, living situations, states, and deductions.This testing, along with more than 60 hours of filing and research in the past, confirmed that Turbo Tax is the best tax software for anyone who finds tax forms intimidating.