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In December 2008, it was reported that Livingston would return to the series, as a new character, Rebecca Shaw.

Livingston said of making the decision to return as a new character, "What was really important to me was remembering my five years on the show and how happy I was.

While she was working in the gardening section of a Home Depot in Hollywood, her future manager came in looking to landscape his front yard and the two struck up a conversation about acting that would soon lead to her daytime debut.

During a trip home to Macon, her friends helped her shoot the audition tape for GENERAL HOSPITAL and she was cast as Emily Quartermaine two months later in 2003.

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Prior to embracing her dream of acting professionally, Livingston worked at an orphanage in Mexico and at a hospital, taught Spanish, and even interned with a social worker for a year-and-half.

For the second time around, Natalia Livingstong is leaving General Hospital. The first time she was killed off as Emily Quartermaine.

She was brought back in as Rebecca Shaw who turned out to be Emily’s long-lost twin. But as the story progressed, the writers didn’t know how to write the character into the canvas. Like I said, the concept was ideal but they ran out of ideas what to do next once it was revealed that Rebacca is Emily’s twin. The writer couldn’t find a way to incorporate her into the Quartermaine family.

Livingston left GH in 2008 to pursue other opportunities, but ended up returning to the show as a new character, Rebecca Shaw, in 2009.

In late 2010 Livingston took on the role of Taylor Raines on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.