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A charge my father had denied following his release in 1981 after four-and-half years in detention under the ISA.

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Growing up in Singapore during the Sixties and Seventies, I knew that Othman Wok was the only Melayu in Lee Kuan Yew's Cabinet (he served as Singapore's Social Services Minister from 1963-77). For reasons, perhaps known only to Othman who considers my father "a good friend", he chose to repeat and publish a false allegation made decades ago against my late father - that he was a "card-carrying member" of the Malayan Communist Party.

He was detained under the ISA throughout the tenure of Hussein Onn's premiership, released only after Dr Mahathir Mahathir became Prime Minister in 1981.

Mohamed and Nor are once again the most popular baby names in Malaysia.

Zara and Hannah are still popular names for babies, but no longer rank as highly as they did in the past.

Sarah and Adelia have dropped out completely after being regulars in our top names list for several years.