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Luxury 4 bedroom villa in prestigious area with the most stunning sea views and a private heated swimming pool.and peaceful location, just 5 minutes from shops, restaurants and bars. Welcome to the Villa Majesty, one of our most elegant and comfortable villas in Madeira.

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Look out for ex-army doc Marc Rousseau in Dianne Drake’s Tortured by Her Touch, the first story in our unforgettable Army Docs duet.

But he straddles both worlds – he can travel among and speak freely with his fellow countrymen and women, and then share their views, along with his own, with the…

Read more by Mark Hertsgaard Link TV, Sep 01, 2005 INTRO: Hello, I’m Mark Hertsgaard in San Francisco, and welcome to Spotlight, Link TV’s investigative news show, featuring documentaries from around the world, reporting stories usually missed by American television.

#4 Dr Alessandro Lucioni – Italian Surgeon to the Stars (June 2015) It doesn’t get more glamorous than our celebrity heart surgeon, Dr Alessandro Lucioni…for this Italian doc, champagne, red-carpets and rubbing shoulders with A-listers are just part of the job!

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