Not dating people with kids

A man with children in his thirties, if his children are a priority, is also a good man. I’ve just come out of another ‘Man with baggage’ relationship –Never again will I put myself through this. I am 30 , attractive, professional woman on a positive path and working hard to get a good solid career behind me so I never have to rely on a man.

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Even though there are obvious disadvantages to dating guys with children, there are some really great advantages, as well. Men with kids have to schedule their time around kids.and you usually change your entire perspective on kids by this age. The kids have no idea that he's not there biological father but he is so eager to do for the kids that are not his and the child that is his blood go figure he don't do anything for this child and he can't support these kids that his mom wants him to claim. But I did I ignored my gut, because he was 'a nice guy'. In fact I have now dated 3 guys with kids over the years..never works.It wasn't until I had a child of my own in my thirties that I preffered to be with a man with children and a past. Bottom line, if you like someone, give them a chance, kids or without kids, otherwise you never know what may have been.. Well, however, there are all sorts of situations to do with a man with kids besides just age and wisdom. And until I lived with the guy and his kids I didn't know why - because I really like kids. I got her a dozen roses and a box of her favorite chocolates.” I replied, “That’s nice.” My friend responded, “What does it matter? Wouldn’t YOU want to spend as much time with your dad as you could if he wasn’t living in your house anymore? Understand when your boyfriend wants to spend time with his kids without you.She’ll still hate me.” Dating someone with kids can be really difficult. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or want to be with you. If you do that, when he IS with you, he will love you so much more.