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Pick pocketing is an endemic problem in Barcelona and you struggle to enjoy yourself at times knowing that you have to be on constant alert.

Within the street’s bustling atmosphere, vendors will approach you, offering various drugs or products—products recently purchased at the local Spar which have since falling into their hands doubled in price.

But, my hot incestuous, rape thoughts are just between my good friend, diary and myself. So, I'll visit you again in a couple of days diary, until then, wish me sweet dreams. Her strange behavior was what prompted him to search for answers as to its cause while she was out hiking. He dimmed the lights, making the room shadowy and intimate. The yell turned into a screech as I felt him pull that strap up and fasten the other end to the headboard as well. I, on the other hand, needed to have sex several times during the day. So, I thought maybe something was the matter with me, so I moved up in the mountains where I wouldn't have access to any women. I just have to have one of those nipples in my mouth." he growled as he lay beside me and bent his head towards my breasts.

Spain [1] (Spanish: España) is a diverse country in Europe sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea.

Brothels have been illegal since 1956, but the vast majority of brothels are loosely disguised as whiskerías or 'clubs' and are left to function as normal.

The most popular street in Spain La Rambla at night is a particularly daunting place to be, intimidating with a sense of impending bag snatch.

Author's note: Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.

"Dear Diary: I'm so glad I have you, my dear diary. Daddy and I have lived up in these isolated mountains for 2 years now.