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Thrones defies expectations as a matter of course, which is precisely its appeal: you watch because it barrels toward conventional dramatic satisfaction and then thwarts it at the last minute, punishing without mercy its most likeable and charismatic characters, and rewarding with victory and glamour those so malevolent that their very appearance fills you with rage.

When the righteous, right-minded Ned Stark investigates the suspicious death of King Baratheon, you can all but guarantee that, far from solving the crime and foiling the schemes devised by the nefarious Lannisters, he will wind up summarily beheaded by them — a first-season twist so vexing that more sensitive viewers abandoned the series in irritation before season two.

That’s the one thing we can predict from this Sunday’s premiere with any certainty: whatever violent delights may transpire – whatever butchery or mutilation proves essential to the ongoing saga of the Seven Kingdoms – we can be sure of the indignant web-wide yawp to follow.

Issues of representation are a matter of course in its reception: the show will doubtless continue to have a gender problem, or a race problem, or a problem with the kinds of things it does and doesn’t show. And Game of Thrones, once again, will be said to have gone Too Far.