Outsource dating tim ferriss

I was deeply inspired by Tim Ferriss' lifestyle of having the ability to travel the world and focus on doing the things he loved, while only having to work 4 hours a week. Most people spend their entire lives WORKING and looking forward to retirement, which is when they'll finally get the opportunity to travel and be free to do the things they really want in life.Whereas Tim believes that retirement isn't the goal, but rather we should LIVE and ENJOY our lives today.

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Use TSA Precheck and Global Entry to evade the sock-footed Forced March of Doom, but arrive ludicrously early anyway and spend a few hours working in the airport lounge to avoid unnecessary stress. I have followed approximately zero percent of this program when I arrive bleary-eyed and a few minutes late at a Santa Monica steakhouse for an audience with the superman of self-improvement.

To help these dudes out, Virtual Dating has launched a service to allow busy male professionals to fully outsource their online dating experience.

At a price of 0 per month, the company’s virtual dating assistants will use “advanced internet dating techniques and strategies to create online dating profiles, interact with women and set up dates with them.” The company says it will work approximately 40 hours per month for each customer and guarantees them a minimum of 2 dates per month (or their money back).

That'd be great, except most people live in the cultural hypnosis that we need to work 40 hours per week to be successful and wealthy.

Or that we need to go to college or university and then afterwards find a job and work until we're 60 until retirement.