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A fascinating series of pictures have captured a python snake eating a king parrot in one bite.

The images, taken in Agnes Waters, Queensland, show how the snake constricts and eats its prey.

There will be a sausage sizzle and the sale will be followed by a club meeting at 2pm with those interested in joining invited to attend.

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The Mandurah Avicultural Society bird sale and show will be held at the Lions Club Hall, Park Road Mandurah from 10am-1pm on August 18.

The pictures were shared by Stuart Mc Kenzie, also known as "The Snake Catcher", a man from Queensland who offers to remove and relocate snakes or reptiles.

He shares pictures and advice about snakes and other reptiles on his Facebook page and also answers people's questions. " Mr Mc Kenzie explained: "The snake will bite it then constrict it until it dies." Although the picture garnered some negative comments, Mr Mc Kenzie writes that it is evidence of "nature at work" and the "circle of life". I love relocating snakes from homes here on the Sunshine Coast.

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