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Patrick "Pat" Monahan (born February 28, 1969) is the lead singer and songwriter for the Grammy award winning band Train.

He is a successful solo artist, and has collaborated with multiple artists.

It's a story about my mother coming back after like swimming through the planets and finding her way through the universe, and coming back to tell me that heaven was overrated and [to] love this life, you know? So she actually had Jupiter in her hair, when she was talking to me. It'd be sweet if I could write another "Drops of Jupiter." If any of you guys are holding hit songs, I'd love to get in on it. PM: I wrote almost the whole thing in about a half hour, and then the next night when I was going to bed I went and finished it so that took about 20 minutes — less than an hour.

Is that how songs come to you in general, through dreams and experiences? In the song you sing, "the best soy latte that you ever had." Was there an actual best latte?