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Moments A bittersweet romantic comedy that moves back and forth in time as a couple accidentally reconnect ten years after sharing a passionate but shortlived relationship in this one act play for two men and two women.

I, COLITUS A freewheeling and bawdy farce about Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Marc Anthony, Brutus, Cassius and all those other zanies who ran the Roman Empire... The story is seen through the eyes of Colitus Phlebitus, Caesar's number one slave and closest advisor who weaves his tale from first hand accounts, second hand accounts, third hand accounts, self serving accounts, rumors, half truths, scurrilous lies and the rest - and we quote the author himself - “I just made up.”1 hour Most recently performed by Shakespeare Orange County, CA starring Robert Hays (Airplane), Brent Spiner (Star Trek, Next Generation), David Denman, (13 Hours), Mercedes Mason (Fear The Walking Dead),, Jamie Mc Shane (Bloodline), Gita Reddy (Zootopia), Patrick Fabian (Better Call Saul), Matt Corboy (The Descendants), Eve Gordon (Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves) With a reptilian bartender acting as matchmaker, the future of the human race looks anything but promising when a sophisticated Eve meets the hunky but dim Adam over apple margaritas at the Garden of Eden Bar & Grill in this audience pleasing ten minute play. Mirror, Mirror "Sleeping Beauty" gets a 90210 facelift as the jealous stepmother takes drastic action when she finds she's been surpassed in the looks department by her stepdaughter in this funny one act play.

Kane (post attitude era) and Morgan's wrestling boots look similar too..

Kane and Luke gallows (fake kane) Click Here Morgan and gallows at 13 minutes 30 seconds Click Here said on 3/Aug/17 PEAK - 6'8.5, today he is 6'7.5 Undertaker peak 6'7.75, today he is 6'6 Braun Stroman - 6'7.25 Big Show peak - 6'11, today 6'9.75 Kevin Nash - Peak - 6'9.5, today 6'8 Sycho Sid - Peak 6'7.75, today 6'6.75 Matt Morgan - Peak 6'8.5, today - 6'7.75 Brian Adams (CRUSH) 6'5.5 Test - 6'5.75 Dallas (Lance Hoyt) - 6'7.5 said on 3/Aug/17 There's no way I can see Kane being any less than 6'8 barefoot in his peak just from evidence I have seen here.

To call men is to pursue them, which is totally against The Rules.Can you not tell how Kane is slouching big time to sell gallows height?Gallows is even wearing kanes big boots with that suit and Kane is STILL taller while slouching.Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane will headline a group of current and former hockey players teaming up to raise money for the Chicago Special Olympics. It was a no-brainer for event chairman and Buffalo Grove native Topher Scott to bring the charity event to Chicago.“Chicago is a magical city. women’s Olympians, and Blackhawks and Chicago Wolves alumni for the first-ever Chicago Hockey Charity Classic. The inspiration for the charity game came from a similar event held at Cornell University for the past three years, which has raised 0,000 for a special needs school in Ithaca, New York.