Patti novak dating tips

“People complain about dating everywhere you go,” she says. First I screen people on the phone to see if this is even a possibility for them—are they emotionally ready for it? On the tangible side, for women, it’s about weight.If they are just getting out of a relationship, there should be some rest time. I check their driver’s license and two more forms of ID. The personal intervention part of my process is so big. I’m not saying I can’t help a full-figured size 18, but they have to know that it’s probably going to take longer. I tell [overweight women], “I have to at least be able to say you’re working on it, and you can’t be making a liar out of me.” On the emotional side, with older women who feel like they’ve been scorned, it can be hard to tell them to face their own reality and realize they’re poor daters.Then I really get into their preferences and goals during a 60- to 90-minute interview. If three out of the six women I’ve sent a guy on a date with say he dressed sloppy, well, he probably dresses sloppy half the time. I try to help them become a little softer, more approachable. By choosing to not let [those walls] down, they’re choosing to not have love.Sometimes I hit it on the nose right away, but usually it takes a few months [of sending them on dates, so I can] get to know a person and start changing the habits that get in the way. For men, the biggest challenge is intestinal fortitude.Patti has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Rachel Ray, CNN, The Today Show, and more!

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Even as a love expert myself, I need to seek counsel on my own life.The offensive way to say it is that they have to get their balls back if they want a woman to respect them.We women can be brutal—we turn them into yes-men and then divorce them because of it. If your man isn’t evolving and changing with you, you could have outgrown him already. And cold weather doesn’t always lend itself to romance and fun date ideas. and basically anywhere that’s not Southern California, I feel you! I get the chills just watching the weather reports.